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Roomie and CasaTunes

Introducing Roomie®

Control everything in your home with the Roomie App for iPhone® and iPad®

Roomie Remote is a universal remote for home theater and automation that uses wifi to control thousands of devices like TVs, cable and satellite boxes, receivers, Blu-ray players, lights and thermostats. Roomie includes extensive innovative control features such as auto-discovery, gestures, virtual remote, compatibility with over 200,000 commands, synchronization across multiple devices, customization and proximity automation features.

Roomie Remote’s mission is to integrate home theater and home automation with the power of today’s platforms via next generation functionality and user interface. Roomie Remote believes that easy to use, integrated software is the key to the next generation of home theater control and automation.

Now Roomie Remote dealers can offer the benefits of a CasaTunes whole house audio system to customers in just minutes, and without compromise. Customers can harness the complete functionality of both their CasaTunes and Roomie Remote solution, seamlessly.

The Best of Both Worlds

Seamless transition between the Roomie and CasaTunes Apps

The seamless integration between Roomie Remote and CasaTunes is accomplished by leveraging the CasaTunes URL scheme for iOS, and can be programmed in minutes by dealers.

Simply add a Roomie Activity for listening to your CasaTunes music, add a Roomie Command of type URL, and configure the URL to launch the CasaTunes App when pressed. When launched, the CasaTunes App will display a backbutton with an optional custom label you supply, which when pressed will return control back to your Roomie Remote App.

This allows a seamless transition between the Apps and provides your customers the best of both worlds, since they get the complete functionality of both Apps, without the customer having to manually switch between the Apps.

The CasaTunes URL scheme also allows you to configure which CasaTunes room to display when launched, whether the room should be powered on or off, the volume setting for the room, and which source should be selected for the room.

You can further customize your solution by leveraging CasaTunes' extensive REST API, which is the same interface CasaTunes uses in it's own iOS Apps.

For more details on how to integrate CasaTunes and Roomie Remote, check out the following tech note.

Watch the video to learn more.

Roomie and CasaTunes

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