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Introducing On Controls

The premier cloud-enabled automation system for professional integrators

On Controls brings the convenience, luxury and security of smart home technology to the Apple and Android phones and tablets already familiar to millions of consumers. An award-winning Wi-Fi-based platform, On Controls leverages the efficiency of the cloud, enabling integrators to deliver more connected home features and better service to their clients.

From a single room to the largest residential or commercial applications, On Controls allows integrators to initialize, upgrade, troubleshoot and add new features to a client’s project via our web portal from anywhere in the world. On Controls is a simple, reliable, robust, and reboot free system that will simplify your life!

Now On Controls dealers can offer the benefits of a CasaTunes whole house audio system to customers in just minutes, and without compromise. Customers can harness the complete functionality of both their CasaTunes and On Controls solution, seamlessly.

On Controls

On Controls How it Works

On Controls Smart Phone App

The Best of Both Worlds

Seamless transition between the On Controls and CasaTunes Apps

The seamless integration between On Controls and CasaTunes is accomplished by leveraging the CasaTunes URL scheme for iOS and Android, and can be programmed in minutes by dealers.

Simply add a CasaTunes music button to your project and configure it to automatically launch the CasaTunes App when pressed. When launched, the CasaTunes App will display a back button with an optional custom label you supply, which when pressed will return control back to your On Controls App.

This allows a seamless transition between the Apps and provides your customers the best of both worlds, since they get the complete functionality of both Apps, without the customer having to manually switch between the Apps.

The CasaTunes URL scheme also allows you to configure which CasaTunes room to display when launched, whether the room should be powered on or off, the volume setting for the room, and which source to select for the room.

For more details on how you can integrate CasaTunes and On Controls, check out the following video.

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