Leviton/HAI Hi-Fi2 and CasaTunes

Introducing the Leviton HiFi2 Distributed Audio Systems

The powerful yet compact Hi-Fi 2 plays music from devices you already own (or those you wish to purchase), and is so easy to operate that anyone can enjoy it. Installation is simplified with a built-in amplification unit mounted in a structured wiring enclosure. Additional amplification can be added for great rooms. The Hi-Fi 2 accepts local and remote inputs (in addition to optional Bluetooth), and each room can be controlled with either an in-wall Volume Source Control or a smartphone/tablet that allows for control of power, audio source, volume, bass, treble, balance and more settings. Wiring remains simplified with Remote Input Modules and Volume Source Controls using Cat5e wire.

Two Models are available, the Hi-FI 2 Eight Source, Eight Zone (expandable to 16 Zones) 400W System and the Four Source, Four Zone 160W System.

HiFi 2 Product Brochure


HiFi 2 8 Source 8 Zone Technical Data Sheet
LevitonCasaTunes multi-room CT-3 music system

HiFi 2 4 Source 4 Zone Technical Data Sheet


Leviton/HAI Hi-Fi2 & CasaTunes

Music to Your Ears!

The combination of the CasaTunes music Streamer with the Leviton/HAI Hi¬Fi2 whole home audio distribution system provides customers with a robust whole house music system, bringing significant new functionality, including:

Control your whole house music system using CasaTunes native Apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, a browser, or the existing Leviton/HAI keypads.

Listen to disc, networked, and Internet based music, including premium music services such as Deezer, Pandora, SHOUTcast, Slacker, Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn and many others.

Disc Storage
The CasaTunes music Streamer includes a 1TB (CT-4S & CT-8S) & 320GB (CT-3S) disc for storing your customers music collection.

Seamless AirPlay Whole House Integration
Every room or group of rooms is setup by default as an AirPlay target. You can stream music from any music App running on one or more iOS devices to any room or room group in the home, without even having to use the CasaTunes App.

Multiple Music Streams
When using the CasaTunes CT¬-8S, you can have up to 8 different music streams playing at one time, so you can listen to different music on each of the available Leviton/HAI sources. The CasaTunes CT-4S provides 4 music streams.

AV Receiver Integration
You can easily integrate most AV Receivers into your whole house music system without requiring any additional specialized hardware setup.

Simple Setup
Just connect the supplied cables, run CasaSetup and full integration is complete within minutes. To learn more, please see our Leviton Setup Guide.

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