CasaTunes Multi Room Audio Overview

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CasaTunes music servers

Simple, reliable and fun

At CasaTunes our focus is on the design of our multi-room music servers. After all this is what customers will typically interact with every time they want to listen to their music. It has to be simple, reliable and, well, fun.

CasaTunes multi-room CT-8 music system
CasaTunes multi-room CT-3 music system

Wired. Wireless.
Or both, wired and wireless.

The expandable multi-room
music system

CasaTunes is the ideal solution for homes with as few as 3 wired rooms, or as many as 24 rooms. If your home is not wired for speakers, you can use CasaTunes’ built-in wireless capability to add as many as 101 wireless speakers and devices, including AirPlay® speakers, AirPlay enabled AV Receivers, AppleTV® (does not support AppleTV Version 4 or later) and Apple AirPort Express® devices.

Let the music play

Experience music by the roomful

CasaTunes allows you to listen to a growing collection of talk and music services, including:

  • Windows and iTunes disc based music
  • Playing music residing on Universal Plug and Play/Digital Living Network Alliance (uPnP/DLNA) media servers
  • Support for over 100,000 worldwide radio stations, including the BBC, CBC,®, SHOUTcast®, SKY.FM®, SomaFM and TuneIn®
  • Support for popular premium music services including Slacker, Spotify®, Pandora®, TIDAL®, and more.
CasaTunes multi-room music services
CasaTunes Air

CasaTunes Air

Play any iOS music App in any room in your home

But what truly differentiates CasaTunes is CasaTunes Air. With CasaTunes Air you can stream music from one or more iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad® devices, all at the same time, to any room or group of rooms in your home.

CasaTunes Air enables access to an unlimited number of music services and music apps available from the Apple App Store®, including iHeartRadio®, NPR Music, Pandora®, Rhapsody®, Rdio®, Slacker®, Songza®, and many others. In other words, if you can play it on your phone, you can play it through CasaTunes.

CasaTunes QuickSync

Automating music discovery

Let’s face it. Not everyone is organized when it comes to managing their music. Often your music is scattered across multiple PCs, Macs and even various network storage devices.

CasaTunes QuickSync brings order to this chaos. QuickSync quickly discovers all your music, wherever it is located, catalogs it, and optionally copies your music to the CasaTunes music server, allowing you to easily browse, search, select and listen to your music.

CasaTunes Quick Sync
CasaTunes Control and Home Automation System Integration

Integration with Control and Home Automation Systems

Simplified out-of-the-box integration with popular control systems

We recognize your CasaTunes multi-room audio system is only one key component in a complete home automation solution for your customers, and that as an integrator you are looking for an audio solution that is robust yet simple to integrate.

At CasaTunes we spend countless hours talking and working with you, our partners, to bring the best multi-room audio solution for your home automation system.

We currently include support for Control4, Key Digital Compass Control, RTI, URC, Roomie and On Controls. For more detailed information, check out the control system links at the top of this page.

Beautiful Apps

Have fun exploring your music

Most customers who invest in a multi-room system love listening to music. We also make it fun to explore and select music from your music collection and the services you subscribe to. You can browse and select your music using our native Apps for Android and Apple smart phones and tablets, our browser App, or even using our CasaTunes keypads.

CasaTunes multi-room AirPlay devices
CasaTunes Multi-Zone AV Receivers

Multi-Zone AV Receiver Integration

Simplified Control

Many homeowners considering a multi-room system already have one or more AV Receivers from Denon, Harman Kardon, Integra, Marantz, Onkyo, Pioneer, Sony or Yamaha installed in their home.

More often than not, these receivers are configured as stand alone devices and while great for watching TV and movies, they are not part of your whole house music solution.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to integrate these, and simply?

Smart investment

Low cost bundles, free upgrades for life

We understand that purchasing a multi-room music system is a significant investment. So, to protect your music server from becoming obsolete, CasaTunes offers free upgrades for the life of your system.

If you are ready to purchase your CasaTunes multi-room music system, make sure you check out our solution bundles. These bundles are designed to provide all the CasaTunes equipment you need for a 3, 8, 12, or 16 room system, and cost less than if you purchased all your CasaTunes equipment separately.

CasaTunes multi-room smart investment
CasaTunes multi-room keypads

CasaTunes Keypads

The little keypad that can

You have probably heard of Thomas the tank engine and the little engine that can, well that is exactly how we think of our single-gang keypads, as the little keypad than can. The CasaTunes keypads are designed to be deceptively simple.

CasaTunes multi-room other systems

Support for other multi-room systems

Powered by CasaTunes

If you already own a multi-room system from Audio Authority, Channel Vision, Leviton/HAI, Nuvo, RTI, Russound or SpeakerCraft, you are probably wishing your system had many of the same CasaTunes capabilities. Well here is some good news. Now you can!

CasaTunes offers a 3, 4 and 8 music streamer solution to power these multi-room systems.

CasaTunes multi-room Wake Up and Sleep

Wake up and sleep to music

Sweet dreams!

With CasaTunes you can schedule as many wakeup events as you like. You can configure CasaTunes to automatically play a specific playlist in a specific room at a specific time on certain days of the week, ramping up the volume gradually as you wake up, and automatically shutting off the music when you are done listening.

Similarly, you can schedule CasaTunes to turn the music off in a room after you gently fall asleep listening to your bed time music.

CasaTunes multi-room Room Groups

Room Groups

Control multiple rooms

A room group is a “virtual room” that represents a collection of rooms. When you control a room group, you control all rooms in the room group.

CasaTunes multi-room CasaSetup

Simple to Setup

After wiring your CasaTunes based multi-room music system, you configure your music server using the CasaTunes web based utility, CasaSetup.

As the system has been pre-configured at the factory, the only required setup remaining is to associate the outputs of your CasaTunes multi-room music server with the names of your rooms, and to specify the account information for all the music services you want to use with CasaTunes.

CasaTunes multi-room Support

Support your customers remotely

With CasaTunes, installers can remotely access our multi-room music systems offering customers timely support and lower support costs. Now, it is no longer necessary to roll out a truck to the customer site to install new updates, make changes, or fix issues that may arise.

In addition, Installers can pro-actively manage customer sites by configuring CasaTunes to notify them about significant CasaTunes events.

1CasaTunes recommends up to 5 AirPlay devices when using the CasaTunes CT-3/S and up to 10 AirPlay devices for other systems.
2For optimal performance, CasaTunes recommends you limit the size of your music collection to 20,000 and 60,000 songs on our 3-room and other systems, respectively.
3CasaTunes supports up to 192KHz/24 bits, except when streaming to AirPlay enabled devices. For AirPlay enabled devices CasaTunes uses CD (lossless) quality (44.1KHz/16 bit)

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