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Using a non-touch iPod device formatted as Macintosh
Posted: 01 June 2011 01:08 PM  
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Note:  This topic applies to (classic) iPod devices only (and does not apply to the iPod touch, iPhone or iPad device).

As you are probably aware, CasaTunes makes it very easy to play music from one or more iPod devices.  Typically all that is required is for you to simply dock your iPod device(s) with the CasaTunes music server, and CasaTunes will automatically detect the newly docked devices and make the music available for playback.  This works as expected when your iPod devices have been formatted using the Windows version of iTunes.  However, if your iPod device has been formatted to use the Macintosh format, Windows will be unable to read the contents of your iPod, and will not work with CasaTunes.  You can determine the iPod device format by viewing the summary tab for the iPod device in the iTunes application.

To fix this, you have two options:

1) You can restore your iPod using iTunes on Windows (which will reformat your iPod using the Windows format).  Once the drive is formatted in Windows format you can use it either with iTunes on your Windows PC or on your Mac (but not the other way around). Please note the contents of your iPod will be wiped clean when you do this, and you will need to have the original music available in iTunes in order to re-sync the music from your iTunes library with your reformatted iPod. 

2) You can use a 3rd party utility from MediaFour called MacDrive that will allow Windows to access your Mac formatted iPods.

For more information please contact CasaTunes Tech Support

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