What do I need?

CasaTunes Configurator Tool

Build your custom multi-room system in under 5 minutes!

Build your own System

Use the tool below to quickly build your own custom CasaTunes multi-room music system.

If you are not a dealer, but a DIYer, please visit our DIY web site musicBox6.com and use the Configurator tool on that site.

Simply select Add Room to add a room to your project. Then select the type of speaker and optionally which keypad to use in the room.

As you add and configure each room, the tool will automatically display which CasaTunes components, and how many of each component, are required to implement your project.

Request a detailed report and we will email you a report including a quote for your system, a list of CasaTunes SKUs required to implement your project, and a detailed step-by-step guide for wiring your system.

Provide us the Build-To-Order reference number, which is included in the detailed report, when you purchase your system and we will pre-configure your system for your project.

Configure your system

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