CasaTunes Dealer Program


We create simple to use, cost effective solutions that harness the excitement of downloadable and digital content and allows your customer the ability to explore and listen to their digital music collection without the need for special adapters, overpriced hardware or complicated software.

Choosing to install a whole house music system should result in a fun and rewarding experience for customers. When done right, customers will love listening to their CasaTunes whole house music system for many years.

Our dealers are key to making sure this happens, every time.

CasaTunes Partner Program


We offer a great program that rewards dealers based on their commitment to CasaTunes. We do not believe that all dealers are the same, and we are looking to build relationships with the best.

We offer a variety of dealer activities, and the more activities you participate in, as well as the more installs you perform, the higher your dealer status. As you elevate your dealer status, CasaTunes rewards you with priority support, better margins, and more referrals.

Real margins

As a CasaTunes dealer, we guarantee the street price and the CasaTunes Suggested Retail Price for a CasaTunes system are one and the same.

CasaTunes Support


The feedback we get back from dealers is unanimous. They love their CasaTunes Support.

CasaTunes offers free support to our dealers, both before and after the sale.

We also build supportability right into our products. Our CasaTunes systems notify you of any significant events, and are remotely accessible resulting in more timely, more convenient, and less costly support for your customers.

CasaTunes multi-room AV Integration


This is a fast changing market, and at CasaTunes, we pride ourselves on our ability to leverage the latest trends.

Our unique CasaTunes Air technology, allows you to carry a single solution for wired, wireless, and installations that require both wired and wireless speakers. Customers can use their iOS devices to stream music from any App to any room. Our solutions seamlessly integrate AV Receivers. You control CasaTunes using Android and Apple smartphone and tablet devices. You can retrofit existing popular legacy multi-room products with flexible CasaTunes music streamers.

With CasaTunes, you have one-solution that fits all!

CasaTunes multi-room smart investment


CasaTunes offers great value at incredibly competitive prices helping you win over prospective customers. You can get even better pricing when you choose a complete CasaTunes solution and purchase your CasaTunes products as part of a CasaTunes bundle.

By purchasing CasaTunes solutions, your are protecting your customers against paying for under-performing, overpriced, inflexible, proprietary systems.

If CasaTunes sounds like the type of partner you want to be in business with, then please fill out the dealer registration form.

You can also email or call 888.855.2272 (CASA) and select extension 1 (Sales) to start our journey together.

Thank you

CasaTunes Sales

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