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Here are some interesting programs that CasaTunes owners might find useful. CasaTunes assumes no responsibility for the operation of these “Add-Ons”. To find out more, contact the designers of the Add-Ons.

If you have a control program that you wish to have listed here, please let us know at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Aria Music Windows 8.1 App by Surend

Aria is a Windows 8.1 application designed to control CasaTunes Multi-Room Music Systems.

This App allows you to:
  • Use the detail view to see and control the media item playing for the current zone.
  • Use Room View to quickly see and control what is playing on each zone.
  • Control the volume and power on/off any of the configured zones.
  • Enable repeat, shuffle, play, pause, stop, or play the previous or next track using any of the built in CasaTunes media player sources.
  • Browse your media library and add items to the queue.
  • View the current queue and quickly play any of the songs in the queue.

Screen Shots
Controlling CasaTunes Multi-Room Audio using Aria App for Windows 8.1 by Surend
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