CasaTunes (Regular and 14-day demonstration version)
Version Download Link Notes
Casatunes 5 Release Notes
4.60.131202 Casatunes 4 Last 4.6 Release
3.00.120622 Casatunes 3 Last 3.0 Release
Casatunes 5 Manual Install Use when you have no Internet access on site

NOTE: The CasaTunes Software can only be purchased as part of a CasaTunes music server or streamer. The CasaTunes Software is not available separately.

Click Here to View Download Instructions
CasaTunesSync for iTunes
Version Download Link Notes
3.0.21 CasatunesSync for PC Use to sync your iTunes library from a PC. Requires Microsoft.Net Framework 4.5 (Full version)
1.49.130723 CasatunesSync for Mac Use to sync your iTunes library from a Mac. Requires OS X 10.7 Lion or above.
CasaTunes Driver for Remote Technologies, Inc. (RTI)
Version Download Link Notes
3.02 CasaTunes RTI Driver package 2-way RTI Driver. See GetInfo in Integration Designer for change details. Also, see Tips and Tricks in the download package.
1.31 CasaTunes RTI Driver package Older version.
CasaTunes Apps for Android devices
Version Download Link Notes
Pre Android 3.0 Phone Older devices
App for Android 3.1+ Phones and tablets. Requires CasaTunes Version 5
Divus TOUCHZONE Requires CasaTunes Version 5
Older App for Android 3.1+ Earlier version of our app for modern Android phones and tablets

After downloading these apps, you may need to change the extension from .zip to .apk

The standard Android Phone and Android Tablet apps are also avaiable from the Play Store.

CasaTunes Apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices
Version Download Link Notes
8.2 CasaTunes iPhone and iPad (iOS 8+)
7.02 CasaTunes2 This iPad only version supports iOS 7. If you are running iOS 8 or later you should download the CasaTunes App above.

These apps are available from the Apple AppStore

CasaTunes drivers and installation disc
Version Download Link Notes
CasaTunes XL Driver Installer
CasaTunes Trigger Card Driver Not used with XLe triggers
CasaTunes XL Installation Disk Image
NUVO IR libraries
Version Download Link Notes
IR Library for NuVo Essentia and Concerto Use only if you are not using a NuvoNet Adapter
IR Library for old NuVo Concerto

Use a NuvoNet Adapter for seamless integration with Concerto and Essentia keypads

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