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About Us

The Perfect Solution for Music Throughout your home


CasaTunes® designs multi-room audio software and hardware solutions for Microsoft Windows Media Center and networked PC environments, allowing users to control and listen to their PC music throughout the home.

Its flagship product line, CasaTunes, is currently available through a network of sales partners.


Founded in 2007, CasaTools, LLC is a privately held company headquartered outside Orlando, FL with offices in Florida and Colorado.


Necessity Is the Mother of Invention


The initial idea for the company began after building my dream home, complete with automated lighting, security, audio, video and temperature control, and quickly discovering that the home automation feature I enjoyed the most, listening to music, was inadequate for my needs. After researching several third party solutions that would provide some of the capabilities I was looking for, I quickly realized the cost of these solutions were prohibitive for most homeowners, and often end up doubling the cost of your original music system investment!


I thought there must be a better solution and that is how the CasaTunes® concept was created.


Unfortunately, I am a Software guy and I needed to find an expert hardware engineer. Fortunately, an old employer and a great friend of mine, Maynard 'Kim' Knapp, had a similar experience building his home and he was also interested in the home automation business. It was not long after that the two of us founded CasaTunes®.


David Krinker, Co-Founder

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