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CT-8+ Music System with 6-room Amplifier


Buy a complete Music System package ready to go with 6 amplified wired room outputs, analog pre-amp outputs for 2 more wired rooms, digital optical output for 1 room and up to 5 wireless audio AirPlay® rooms! This bundle includes the low profile CT-8+ Music System and our CT-AMP-1240 Amplifier.

Just add speakers for the first six wired rooms, amplifiers and speakers for wired rooms 7 and 8 and AirPlay speakers or other AirPlay devices for any wireless rooms and you will be able to listen to your entire music collection throughout the home.



Setting up your whole house music system just got a whole lot easier!

The CT-8+ Music System and CasaTunes CT-AMP-1240 12 channel amplifier give you all you need for a small home. Using AirPlay wireless speakers you can even add more wireless audio rooms and you can use the other two CT-8+ analog and one optical digital outputs to feed an AV Receiver or separate high power amplifiers and high quality speakers.

For details on the CT-8+ Music System, CLICK HERE.

For a description of CasaTunes Air CLICK HERE

See CT-AMP-1240 Amplifiers for complete details on the CasaTunes high value amplifier.

Included in box:
CasaTunes Music System
CasaTunes Software installed
CasaTunes CT-AMP-1240 Amplifier
Power cords and adapter
6 3.5mm to RCA stereo audio cables to connect between the Music System and the amplifier
2 additional 3.5mm to RCA stereo audio cables to connect to other amplification

Requires one pair of speakers for each wired room and AirPlay speakers or other AirPlay devices for wireless rooms. Requires amplifiiers for wired rooms 7 and 8 and the digital optical output.
No Keypads included in this bundle.

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