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Complete Systems

Complete Systems
Our complete systems for wired distributed audio homes include a system and amplifiers. Just add speakers and wiring and you are ready to go. But, unlike old fashioned wired multi-room audio systems, CasaTunes systems also include the capability to send music to up to 10 wireless CasaTunes Air devices.

Advantages of wired speakers
Many homes are prewired for ceiling or wall mounted speakers. These speakers have great sound and look great, blending into the architecture so that they are almost invisible. In a nice living room, for example, having in-ceiling speakers helps to give you a clean, modern look.

Advantages of wireless speakers
Wireless AirPlay speakers allow you to expand your system to rooms where there is no speaker wiring. And the music is still CD lossless quality.

With CasaTunes you get both – wired and wireless!

Don't forget the Keypads
If you decide to include wall mounted keypads, you can purchase them in bundles of six keypads, including a Keypad Hub, to save a few dollars. These keypads don’t clutter your walls with huge confusing control panels. Instead, they can be put into standard electrical boxes adjacent to your light controls (with appropriate low-voltage divider, installed by your electrician). See Accessories for more information.

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