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Accessories for your CasaTunes whole house audio system

Your new CasaTunes multi-room audio system comes with preamp outputs. You will need amplifiers for each room to supply audio to your speakers. You can feed the CasaTunes stereo preamp outputs into almost any amplifier, including hi-fi audio or AVR amplifiers. For best results, we recommend the CT-AMP-1240 amplifier for 6 rooms and the DTA-1 for single rooms.

All CasaTunes systems except the CT-3 can be set up to turn the CT-AMP-1240 on and off using trigger outputs built into the system and trigger inputs built into the amplifier. If any of the six rooms connected to a CT-AMP-1240 amplifier is turned on, the amplifier is turned on. When all the rooms are off, the amplifier is off, saving energy. The CT-3 can be used with the DTA-1 single room amplifiers and, since they are very efficient, they can be left on all of the time.

Keypads and Keypad Hub
CasaTunes includes great control applications for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices that allow you to control the music you are listening to in any room in the house. Sometimes, though, it is more convenient to just touch the power button on the CasaTunes Keypad to turn on your music as you are entering the room. If the music is too loud and you don’t have your smartphone on you, just tap the volume control buttons on the Keypad to adjust the volume. The music metadata is displayed at all times on the Keypad when the room is turned on so you can see what is currently playing at a glance. As a convenience, the Keypad displays the time of day when the room is off.

For a large room, you can have two keypads, both assigned to the same room. Keypads can even be assigned to room groups. Since the Keypads are all USB driven, you can expand the number of Keypads easily by simply adding more Keypad Hubs. If you run out of USB outputs on your system, simply add a powered USB Hub and plug additional Keypad Hubs into the USB Hub.

Keypad Bundle
The Keypad Bundle is a great way to save money on Keypads. The Keypad Bundle contains six keypads and one Keypad Hub, all at a great price!

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